Who we are

Photo: Steve Tibbett

Steve Tibbett

Based in London, UK. Specialises in advocacy strategy and evaluations, international development, social change and civil society.

Photo: Jim Coe

Jim Coe

Based in London, UK. Specialises in advocacy strategy and evaluation.

Photo: Beverley Duckworth

Beverley Duckworth

Based in London, UK. Specialises in strategic facilitation, strategy reviews and campaign coaching.

Photo: Rhonda Schlangen

Rhonda Schlangen

Based Vermont USA. Specialises in evaluation of advocacy strategy, effectiveness and capacity.

Photo: Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Based in Buxton, UK. Specialises in designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating campaigns.

Photo: Elena Lucchi

Elena Lucchi

Based in Munich, Germany. Specialises in strategic reviews and advocacy and campaign evaluation for the humanitarian and human rights sector.

Photo: Jean-Martial Bonis Charancle

Jean-Martial Bonis Charancle

Based in Montreal, Canada. Specialises in civil society advocacy and network dynamics.

Photo: Antonella Mancini

Antonella Mancini

Based in London, UK. Specialises in governance, civil society, strategic reviews and policy and advocacy monitoring and evaluation.

Photo: Martin Clark

Martin Clark

Based in London, UK. Specialises in campaign and coalition management; strategy development and facilitation

Photo: Gabrielle Watson

Gabrielle Watson

Based in Boston, MA Tamworth, NH, USA. Specializes in developmental evaluation and facilitating team-based strategic reflection & planning.

Photo: Martin Vielajus

Martin Vielajus

Based in Paris, France. Specialises in international cooperation, governance, multi-stakeholder dynamics, advocacy strategy and civil society strengthening.

One of the founder members of the Hub, Chris Stalker, is currently employed as Senior Advisor Policy and Campaigns at Oxfam America.