Who we are

Photo: Steve Tibbett

Steve Tibbett

Based in London, UK. Specialises in advocacy strategy and evaluations, international development, social change and civil society.

Photo: Beverley Duckworth

Beverley Duckworth

Based in London, UK. Specialises in strategic facilitation, strategy reviews and campaign coaching.

Photo: Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Based in Buxton, UK. Specialises in designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating campaigns.

Photo: Carolyn Culey

Carolyn Culey

Based in East Anglia, U.K. Specialises in advocacy strategy and evaluation.

Photo: Jean-Martial Bonis Charancle

Jean-Martial Bonis Charancle

Based in Montreal, Canada. Specialises in civil society advocacy and network dynamics.

Photo: Martin Clark

Martin Clark

Based in London, UK. Specialises in campaign and coalition management; strategy development and facilitation

Photo: Gabrielle Watson

Gabrielle Watson

Based in Tamworth, NH, USA. Specializes in developmental evaluation and facilitating team-based strategic reflection & planning.

Photo: Martin Vielajus

Martin Vielajus

Based in Paris, France. Specialises in international cooperation, governance, multi-stakeholder dynamics, advocacy strategy and civil society strengthening.

We work with broader networks of collaborators who bring thematic and regional knowledge as well as specialist skills, including previous members of the Advocacy Hub, Jim Coe, Elene Lucchi, Antonella Mancini, Chris Stalker, and Rhonda Schlangen.