Photo: Jean-Martial Bonis Charancle

Jean-Martial Bonis Charancle

Based in Montreal, Canada. Specialises in civil society advocacy and network dynamics.

Jean-Martial is an experienced consultant who specializes in civil society advocacy and network dynamics. He brings solid knowledge and experience of the inner workings of civil society organisations (CSOs), acquired both as permanent staff for NGOs and as an independent consultant.

He has extensive experience in assessing civil society advocacy, network strategies, and financial instruments and policies. In the advocacy sector, Jean Martial has a broad experience that stretches from large campaigns to small coalitions. Over the last three years, his practice has evolved as he has become convinced that a series of paradigm shifts will impact civil society. As a result, he has recently accompanied CSOs that are seeking to adapt their strategies to a rapidly changing context.

Jean-Martial has dual citizenship, French and Canadian, and is based in Montreal, Canada.

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