Why work with us

We bring together a range of expertise in the field of advocacy and campaigning

We specialise in advocacy, campaigning and social and political change strategies for civil society, working at local, national and international levels.

In addition to providing strategy, monitoring and evaluation support, we have built successful international coalitions, run winning campaigns, and managed campaign departments for major organisations.

We are a community of individual consultants, based in a number of different countries, operating collegiately while working individually or as a team on projects. We are connected globally with a range of other consultants and freelance professionals and can bring in complementary skills in areas such as media analysis and management, policy analysis, report writing, organisational development, marketing, fundraising and development education.

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We reflect on overarching issues related to advocacy, campaigning and social change

We are fascinated about how and why positive social change happens. We want to draw the lessons from our own campaigning, the evaluations we conduct, and others’ thinking to inform our own practice, offer suggestions to clients, and contribute to debates and learning across civil society.

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We emphasise learning, support and action

Whether through evaluations, providing strategic advice or training, our focus is on knowledge for action to increase social change organisations’ strategic effectiveness.

Working with a range of organisations across different sectors allows us to share learning and support cross-fertilisation.

We have developed flexible methodologies for monitoring and evaluation incorporating quantitative and qualitative tools with an iterative approach to develop, test and refine findings. We have built an information and data resource that allows us to make comparative analyses and deliver reliable results.

Our recommendations are grounded in research and analysis but also based on the ‘lived experience’ needed to be concrete and practical.

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