Musings and other updates from Hub members.

  • The Evalu-ization* of Advocacy

    Photo: The Evalu-ization* of Advocacy

    By Rhonda Schlangen and Jim Coe We received dozens of questions in advance of a webinar organized by the Advocacy Accelerator on the ideas in our paper, No Royal Road: Finding and Following the Natural Pathways in Advocacy Evaluation. The sheer volume of the questions points to an incredible pent up demand for solutions to evaluate […]

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  • Measuring advocacy capacity and knitting sweaters for chickens

    Photo: Measuring advocacy capacity and knitting sweaters for chickens

    Considerations when designing approaches to assess and support advocacy capacity.  My sister spent nearly a decade trying to “build” my knitting capacity. She wanted to impart her passion and skill for knitting on me; I was mildly interested. She knits everything, including this darling chicken sweater. (She lives in a very cold place.) At this […]

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  • Construire des réseaux internationaux d’ONG?

    Photo: Construire des réseaux internationaux d’ONG?

    L’heure d’un premier bilan des stratégies d’appartenance aux réseaux internationaux a sonné pour de nombreuses ONG. En 2015/2016, nous avons réalisé une étude pour Coordination Sud (la plateforme des ONG françaises de Solidarité, urgence et développement) qui visait à répondre à la question suivante: pourquoi les ONG françaises rejoignent-elles à des réseaux internationaux? Quels sont […]

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  • Who’s working for who?

    Dealing with the perennial crisis of confidence and identity in many large international campaigning NGOs A multi-polar world, rise of nationalisms, and constricting space for civil society are among the factors that appear on the flipcharts in workshops exploring external trends for NGOs’ strategic planning. In addition, welcome questions are being explored about ’where change […]

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  • Evaluation and social media

    Photo: Evaluation and social media

    When evaluating public campaigns aimed at social or policy change, we are often asked to provide insights on social media strategies. Clients may provide large quantities of data relating to online petitions and levels of engagement with posts on Twitter and Facebook and so on, with an expectation that we will be able to determine […]

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  • On being asked the wrong question

    Photo: On being asked the wrong question

    We are often asked to help organisations set ‘indicators’ for their advocacy campaigns, with an expectation these indicators would find a home in a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework. We know such frameworks well, they’re submitted with the project proposal to the funder and then supplied to us as external evaluators several years later with […]

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  • Hubbing it Out: Why We’re Together in the Advocacy Hub

    Photo: Hubbing it Out:  Why We’re Together in the Advocacy Hub

    While our website and online presence is new, Advocacy Hub members have been working together on advocacy- and campaigning-related efforts for years. In our inaugural blog post, we’re sharing why we’ve joined together in this consulting cooperative. Here, in our own words, is why we’re in the Hub: Jim: These are difficult times and we […]

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