Photo: Martin Clark

Martin Clark

Based in London, UK. Specialises in campaign and coalition management; strategy development and facilitation

Martin brings over twenty-five years’ experience as a campaigner, manager, and consultant for international organisations working on human rights, the environment and development.

Martin has managed winning international coalitions for conservation groups and funders . He has experience of successful EU campaigning, aligning advocacy in Brussels and capitals and is a registered lobbyist with the EU institutions.

Martin provides interim management support and worked as Director of Campaigns and of Policy for Amnesty’s International Secretariat and Senior Director for Regional Development and for External Relations for ARTICLE 19, providing leadership in times of organisational change.

Martin has helped develop advocacy strategies for Amnesty, Hivos, CRS, Oxfam and many others. He has facilitated planning and chaired stakeholder meetings with groups of torture survivors, grassroots activists, conservation scientists and senior politicians, as well as NGOs; and is a guest lecturer in NGO Campaigning for post-graduate students of the University of London.

Martin has contributed to reviews and evaluations of campaigns and funding strategies, working for organisations including Habitat for Humanity, Client Earth, and climate change funding collaboratives.