Surya Ganguly, Senior Director, The Asia Foundation and former Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Nonprofit Organizations Knowledge Initiative (NPOKI)

“Rhonda has assisted NPOKI in the role of Senior Monitoring & Evaluation consultant. In this capacity I’ve had the pleasure of engaging her and working with her directly on health, environmental & civil society projects at international development NGOs.

Rhonda brings a rare combination of vision and pragmatism to our projects. Her knowledge of the theoretical and academic constructs of M&E are evidenced in her comprehensive writing, frameworks, flowcharts and logframes. At the same time her evaluation recommendations are smart, pragmatic, and scaled appropriately to the size of the project and organization. Her work is particularly sensitive to the burden/overhead of M&E to smaller development project budgets, and her recommendations are particularly powerful, tactical and well integrated in that context. She understands the limitations of traditional M&E very well and has made recommendations that NPOKI members have found invaluable, to measure outcomes rather than outputs.

Rhonda has great project discipline, handles logistics very well, is able to project availability accurately and has under-promised and over-delivered! She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more projects with her expertise on board.”